Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Merry Christmas! We've had a great Holiday Season so far! God has blessed us with so much stuff and of course non-stop love from our family! A big thanks to all.
Our Christmas Card that I made...thank you Todd for being your goofy self so all could see why I'm getting laugh lines at 29!!

Dorks in public at a couple of huge Christmas trees. One at Seaside, FL the other in Miramar Beach, FL. Every time I see these pictures I just giggle. :) HO HO HO

The "Holiday"/Christmas Party for work. I've never been to such a huge company party before and I had to plan much fun!

Thank you 2010 for such a crazy amazingly emotional year. Let's hope 2011 brings on some good times as Todd and I will both be turning the big 3-0. Time sure does fly and my mom keeps reminding me that I'm not getting any younger!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

what a summer!!

As the summer is coming close to an end, it's always fun to look back and remember what you did. (pictures that I have not shared yet)

My summer was a little longer than most, since I haven't worked outside the home since January. Not working was fun at times and other times it was very tiresome. It's hard to get motivated some days. Other days you are so busy you don't have time to prepare dinner. My housewife days are over. thank goodness. My new job as an Administrative Assistant started last Monday. I took my time and found a position with a company that I love. So far so good. And this week I am working at a golf tourney, and going on a dinner dolphin cruise (for work); how awesome!

Since I didn't work for a few months, I took advantage of my freedom. At the beginning of February I spent 3 weeks in Missouri with my family and friends (a surprise visit). I was able to spend some real good quality time with my grandma. It was such a blessing for me. Then in March Todd and I took a quick weekend trip up to Missouri again to celebrate Todd's Dad's new marriage. Ben (Dad-in-Law) married Debbie and they are amazing together. We are so happy for both of them. My 10 year high school reunion was coming up at the end of May and I managed to make the trip. Actually a 2 week trip with a ride home from my dad, mom, and sister! They came to visit us for a week in June. That was so much fun. Crystal was in great spirits, 6 months pregnant and HAD to go to the beach everyday!

Todd and I shared a weekend in Orlando to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

(we had to be tourists and take a photo

Then in July Shane (Todd's brother), Rachael and Elsie came to visit us. I was able to spend time with them while Todd worked, then Todd would join in on the fun after work. It was so much fun to share our lives with them and to play with Elsie (such a cutie! She won Uncle Todd's heart!)

Clarke and his girlfriend Ramona has moved down to Panama City Beach. All the Ferguson boys were able to spend an evening together on the beach! Shane insisted on picnic at the beach (even though it looked like rain and lots of it). The picnic lasted for about 10 minutes before the rain clouds let loose. It was a great memory, and lesson well learned. Black clouds equal RAIN! (got it Shaner? lol)

You would say that our summer was super busy and lots of fun. Some great happy times. Then the dreaded phone call came to end all fun. Grandma Mac passed away. Todd and I were on a plane the next day. In death you try to celebrate and remember the good times. It's so hard when she was a part of our life and even though her life is over, ours still has to go on. Learning how to live without someone you love so stinkin much and someone who is a constant in your life is difficult. I'm so blessed by my lack of work the past few months because I was able to spend endless amount of time with Grandma Mac before she past. Lots of memories, love, and respect for my Grandma. All I can picture now is Grandpa EA and Grandma Mac square dancing in heaven together.

Carrie and Cory West and us were able to have dinner together before Todd headed back to work. The four of us had not been together in 3 years. Too long for such amazing awesome friends. The summer is coming to a close. We thank God for all the blessings he has given us and the moments we have shared with loved ones. We cherish all our Family and all our friends, where ever they may be at this moment.

Friday, July 09, 2010


Family, Friends, Fun, Relaxation has been my past month or so.
- This picture is Rance, Dad, Logan and Emma. Logan just caught a monster fish at Mema and Papa's pond. We were able to fish and have wiener roast with s'mores a couple times during my visit. Oh how I want a s'more right now!
I was able to fly to Missouri and spend a couple weeks playing and working and seeing family and friends. Even though I missed Todd terribly, I was so grateful to have this time to recharge. Since we have moved to Destin, our friend outings have come to a standstill. Going out to meet new people new friends is something that is tiring and exhausting to me. So to actually talk to friends that know my name and family was loads LOADS of fun!!

My 10 year High School reunion was also during the time I was in MO. That was interesting and fun to see old high school friends. It's literally been 10 since I had seen most of them. Crazy how time flys. -This picture is at Grandma Mac's and my parents place. Me and Cody.

My Sister, Dad and Mom drove me back to Florida and stayed for a week. We were able to beach it everyday. Mom and Crystal was able to use their designing instincts and turned our condo into our home. Todd and Dad played Golf one afternoon. Todd enjoyed it but I think Dad wants to retire from golf. It's really a sport that you have to play to get better. Even a pro athlete like my Dad needs to practice at this sport. I just love my Daddy! Todd is just happy to be able to beat my dad at one sport. hehe Male Competition is so funny! -This picture is Mom and Dad at Pompano Joe's. I love when they come to visit. Always a refresher to have my loving parents hugging on me.

-This is my sister, Crystal. She said that Issac needed a Po Boy for dinner! And I'm sure ice cream for dessert! Being around my pregnant sister was so much fun, especially when it came to food! lol

My Sister is pregnant and she is so adorable. She is funny and always hot, but a great sport. I talk to her every week but it's still hard to not be there and grab her belly every day watching her grow into this fabulous mother. Being able to spend time with her and Haley was awesome. Speaking of being a good sport, Haley is so understanding of preggo Crystal. Such an outstanding man and I'm glad he found my sister. They will both be amazing God centered parents, and Issac is going to be the luckiest little man ever!!

After my family left a few days later Todd had a big manager meeting in Orlando. The RM suggested that I come along and have an extended weekend. So I joined him after his meetings and played in Orlando for a couple days. She gave us tickets to the Universal parks and we walked and sweated and I got a little sick on a ride (no vomit!) and we ate and had a blast. A note to all those going to Universal, Leave your purse or bag at home, you have to lock it up in a locker to go on any rides (it's just annoying and time consuming). The new Harry Potter attraction was open and we went on an awesome ride there. It was so neat how they brought the show to life, with the stores, the merchandise, the rides. Also note that the line to get into the Wand store was a 2.5 hour wait. Really what does that wand do? we didn't wait to find out. The Shrek 4D was awesome! We didn't wait in long lines so we didn't get to enjoy to many rides. But we still had fun. And I was ok with it since I left my motion sickness pills at home. I'm such a wimp.

oh yeah. Now Todd and I have been married for 8 years. The 7 year itch ain't got nothin on us!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

shopping online

Shopping online can be annoying at times, but then again it can save tons of money. Especially when you save so much in gas! If you are like me and shop online some then you should totally check out Here is our referral link, please click on it when you are ready to sign up
It's a free site! It gives you coupons and discounts and rebates, just for shopping online. Todd and I have become hooked. Although we can't think of things we "need" to buy sometimes. Ebates has a daily bouble coupon and like just the other day they had it at an ink store we were able to get $15 bucks back and free shipping & a discount with their already low price ink (we spent $57 on 11 cartridges). You can even use it to buy things on ebay, shutterfly, and vacation/travel stuff, etc. Well I'm just pretty excited about it and hope to help start saving you some money by shopping online. Another site is here is our referral link to it Mr. Rebates sometimes you will find different coupons or discounts on this link.
Happy shopping!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm going to put the beach behind me for a couple weeks and go to Missouri. Yes another trip. I can't believe it myself. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and a family that misses me. Mom is going to put me to work to help customize her website. So this trip will be a working one. However I do plan on seeing as many friends and family as possible! If you are in the Springfield/Cabool area and want to see me, give me a call. Same phone as always.

Another reason for my trip is to see old High School friends as the class of 2000 is having our 10 year reunion. This makes me feel old. Shouldn't I have more things accomplished by now? I should travel more, pray more, and love more. It's a time of reflection and all I can think about is my waistline. lol but seriously it's true.

On another note. Since I'll be away for a few days, Todd and I went to the beach. We found a very RICH but quiet spot to relax. The water was beautiful, clear, and cool. The homes along the shore are amazingly insane there. We will be going to that beach again. In fact this is the beach we will take my family. Crystal, Mom and Dad will be heading this way in June. Shane, Rachael, and Elsie will be here in July. And when you ask my why I don't work answer will be because I'm having fun with family at the beach! And I love being home when Todd is home. I'm still so in love with that man!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Coin Jug

Growing up my parents had this really cool big glass bottle full of coins. My dad would throw the change from his pockets and my mom would empty out her coin purse in the big bottle. Every so often Dad would get the coin bottle and dump it out on the floor and us kids would sort through it. Pennies, nickles, dimes, quarter, half dollars piled up waiting for us to separate, count and roll. Dad would have us check for wheat pennies and check the year. It was so neat to see how multiple coins could turn into dollar bills. Looking back I wonder if this was Dad's way to get us to quiet down at the end of the day or so he didn't have to roll the coins by himself.

It intrigued me enough that I have always tried to put my change somewhere. In a vase, a jar, and car cup holder but I would always dip my hand in there so I could wash the car, do laundry, pay for toll roads, Sonic Happy Hour, important purchases! We now have a bigger jug and my hand doesn't fit inside! It's a little harder to fill up since we don't use cash much, but we are on our way. Saving for something, we just don't know what. Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

beachy moments

My husband has got to be one of the most thoughtful husbands around. As you all know we live near the beach. What some of you may not know is that my husband doesn't like sand. A day at the beach, with sand everywhere, is not something we do. Unfortunately for me, because I could spend all morning, all afternoon, and all evening on the beach with sunscreen, an umbrella, water, snacks, and a friend...oh and we can't forget the snorkel gear, and possibly a game or two.

That's right, my perfect day is an entire day ON the beach. However since we live near the beach, I don't have to have an entire day to sit and soak up the salty air. All I need, yes need, is a few hours every few days. Which works out well because my husband can handle a few hours. A couple days ago we slept in a bit, puttered around the house for a bit, then took a little walk on the beach before the crowds came rolling in and before Todd went to work. It was such a wonderful time to spend hand in hand, sand in the toes, just watching people and the sea.

Yesterday was even more amazing. Todd called me from work and ask if I be ready when he gets home because he was going to take me to the beach down 30A. He said I could plan out all the details. So my eyes popped open and a huge smile covered my face! Ah we are going to the beach! It's like magical words. So I began to think and plan out our evening. Oh I know a picnic. No I don't want to mess with packing all the food and carrying it. Ok so next idea. Fruit! I love fruit and strawberries are in season. Um hello Florida Strawberries! So I went to the store, bought some strawberries, washed them, picked the greens off, and put them in a bag. Oh I just love planning this. And the simplicity of it all makes it even better! Salt Life at it's best!

The beach time was wonderful. A few gusts of wind, a few waves, only a handful of people and us. The strawberries were delicious and did a great job of calming our hungry bellies. The water was full of jelly fish, and so was the shore line. We sat and rested for a bit, then took a little walk. We stopped a few times to see all the jelly fish in the water. Like hundreds of them everywhere, each one a few feet away from the next. Crazy. Good thing we didn't plan on getting in the water.

Well until Todd spotted what looked like a big seashell in the water about 10 yards out. Oh do we risk it (by we I mean him risking getting stung and me risking well you know what you're suppose to do to jelly fish stings...) After I talked to him about his fears, he thought he would show me up and out he went. Leaping back to shore without a sting, he in fact captured a big seashell. Now for those that don't know, seashell collecting is a picky sport. No broken edges, not too many holes preferably no holes, and it has to be the right color (sometimes). Well Todd picked a dandy. The biggest one we have found so far! So we called it a night, and headed back to our place for dinner and a couple tv shows.

But so much fun! I love the beach!! Thanks Todd for taking me! It was such a wonderful relaxing fun night!

I hope you enjoy our pics, it was fun to goof off a bit.